Pièces de Viole - Marin Marais (1656 - 1728)

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"The playing is artful and widely expressive -especially notable is the carefully nuanced Tombeau pour Mr. de Ste. Colombe- and Duruöz's articulation is invariably clean and clear, his ornamentation well chosen and tasteful." - Classics Today

"Duruöz has a fine feeling for the rendering of the ornaments that bring this music to life... This is an attractive program that should be of particular interest to guitarists looking to expand their Baroque repertoire." - Fanfare

"Stylish, elegant, and unexpectedly idiomatic... These attractive solo guitar arrangements of gamba and continuo works by Marin Marais are expertly performed here by guitarist Cem Duruöz." - American Record Guide

"Duruöz captures the essence of the originals while at the same time giving a contemporary edge to this repertoire. On the whole, the transcriptions are extremely effective... This is an enterprising project." - BBC Music

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Track Listing Description
Suite en Mi mineur
[1] Prélude, II.96
[2] Allemande, II.98
[3] Courante, II.99
[4] Sarabande à l'Espagnole, II.101 - listen here: streaming m3u file or mp3 download
[5] Gigue, II.102
[6] Rondeau Champêtre, II.104
[7] Tombeau pour Mr. de Ste. Colombe, II.109
[8] Fugue Gaie, II.110

Selections from the E Minor Suite, Book 2. This suite includes the Tombeau pour Mr. de Ste Colombe, the monumental piece which Marais wrote for the death of his teacher (track [7]). The viol version of this tombeau was included in the soundtrack of the movie Tous Les Matins du Monde.

Suite en La mineur (Orig. Si mineur)
[9] Prélude, II.83 - listen here: streaming m3u file or mp3 download
[10] Petite Fantaisie, II.84
[11] Allemande, II.85
[12] Courante, II.87
[13] Sarabande, II.88
[14] Gigue, II.90
[15] Menuet, II.92
[16] Gavotte, II.93
[17] Tombeau pour Mr. de Lully, II.95

Selections from the B Minor Suite in Book 2, where the composer wrote his other important tombeau for his next teacher, Jean-Baptiste Lully.

[18] Le Tableau de l'Opération de la Taille*, V.108
[19] Les Relevailles*, V.109 - listen here: streaming m3u file or mp3 download

Two character pieces, which describe a gallbladder stone surgery without anesthetics at the time of the composer. Marais wrote small phrases in Le Tableau de l'Opération de la Taille describing the graphic details of such a surgery. In the recording these are read by Valérie-Anne Schneider.

[20] Chaconne en Rondeau, II.82, en La majeur (Orig. Sol majeur)

Chaconne, which has idioms like tremolo which translate very well to the guitar.

[21] Marche à la Turque, V.21, en Ré majeur (Orig. La majeur)

Turkish March, reflects the common trend in the classical music of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, of imitating the music of the Military Band of the Ottoman Empire, which was then threatening central Europe by military invasions in Balkans.

"Marais states in the Preface to his Third Book of Pieces for Viola da gamba that the music may be played on the guitar, as well as other instruments, but this is the first time I have heard anyone attempt it on the guitar. What is particularly remarkable about Cem Duruöz' transcriptions and performance is that he has truly captured the essence of these works so that Marais' music comes across as naturally on the guitar as on the viola da gamba. He also demonstrates an impressive mastery the French baroque performance style, in both his execution of the subtle ornamentation that characterizes Marais' music and in his sensitivity to the emotional affect of each piece."

- John Dornenburg, gambist.