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 "With a masterful command of color and tenuto (his reading of the Alla Cubana from the Bagatelles is magic), Duru÷z breathes life into an extremely dense program. His disc of Contemporary music overflows with color from the bouncy brightness of his Allegro from the Walton Bagatelles to the understated cool of the Pink Floyd meets Steve Reich gem that is Nicky Hind's Crossings for Guitar and Live Electronics." - Guitarra Magazine (USA) "Throughout this disc, Duru÷z's versatility is amply demonstrated, as his laudable proselytising on behalf of contemporary music." - Classical Guitar (UK)

"Duru÷z has a keen understanding for contemporary music." - Gendai Guitar (JAPAN)

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"The originality of this recording lies in the paradoxical blending of unity and variety. Mr. Duru÷z uses a whole range of sounds, colors, techniques and styles, exploiting to full extent the immense diversity of contemporary music for guitar. The rich interplay of contrast between the different works creates a magically captivating atmosphere." - Anouk Spicher-Thommen, music critic

Track Listing

William Walton 1902 - 1983
Five Bagatelles for Guitar (1972)
[1] No. 1, Allegro
[2] No. 2, Lento
[3] No. 3, Alla Cubana
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[4] No. 4, Sempre Espressivo
[5] No. 5, Con Slancio
One of the masterpieces of the standard guitar repertoire. The music has some jazz influence.
Mario Davidovsky b1934
[6] Synchronisms No. 10 for Guitar and Tape (1992)
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A duet between the guitar and electronic sounds which are generated with sound samples and processing
Tiffany Sevilla b1967
[7] Dreamscapes for Solo Guitar (1995)
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1995 winner of the Guitar Foundation of America Composition Competition.
Nicky Hind b1962
[8] Crossings for Guitar and Live Electronics (2000)
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The piece uses delay effects to create an echo effect. It also uses a loop processor, to repeat a basic pattern, while the guitar plays some melodies.
Jody Rockmaker b1961
[9] Mood Swing for Solo Guitar (1994)
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An atonal piece which is constructed as a mirror of itself. In other words, the notes which are at the beginning also appear at the end in reverse order.
Bujor Hoinic b1950
[10] Prelude for Solo Guitar (1997)
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A short piece with jazz harmonies.
David Hahn b1956
Four Short Pieces for Classical Guitar (1997)
[11] Prelude
[12] Shore Morning
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[13] Imp
[14] Lullaby
Four improvisatory pieces.