Desde El Alma - Tango Classics

Desde El Alma, Tango Classics

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"His rich tone of execution is superbly captured on this high quality recording, as is the exactness of every note without the sacrifice of the rhytmic pulse." - Connecticut Guitar Society Newsletter. Read the full review at the bottom...

"There is no doubt "Desde El Alma" Tango Classics, is a masterpiece to be enjoyed for its beauty and its place in classical tango.  Most notably it separates itself from contemporary tango by exploring classical themes. Cem Duru÷z confidently interprets and gives expression to the old tangos as well as the modernones.
His elaborate and fine technique brings precision to every moment and his impeccable artistry lends great support to our tango, which already plays a very important role in international music." - Coco Trivisonno, bandoneonist (Argentina)

Track Listing
1 Gallo Ciego - tango (A. Bardi, 1884-1941 - arr. Duruöz) 3:55
2 Desde el Alma - vals (R. Melo, 1897-1981 - arr. Duruöz) 3:29
3 La Mariposa - tango (P. Maffia, 1899-1967 - arr. Duruöz) 3:55
4 La Bordona - tango (E. Balcarce, b. 1918 - arr. Duruöz) 3:46
5 La Cumparsita - tango (G. H. Matos-Rodríguez 1897-1948 - arr. Arias/Duruöz) 4:18
6 Azabache - milonga-candombe (E. Francini, 1916-1978 - arr. Duruöz) 2:44
7 Malena - tango (L. Demare, 1906-1974 - arr. Duruöz) 3:08
8 Milonga del Angel - milonga (A. Piazzolla, 1921-1992 - arr. Benítez) 5:38
9 Verano Porteño - tango (A. Piazzolla, 1921-1992 - arr. Duruöz) 3:43
10 La Ultima Curda - tango (A. Troilo, 1914-1975 - arr. Duruöz) 3:19
11 Payadora - milonga (J. Plaza, 1928-2003 - arr. Duruöz) 2:55
12 Nostalgias - tango (J. C. Cobián, 1896-1953 - arr. Duruöz) 3:26
13 Corazón de Oro - vals (F. Canaro, 1888-1964 - arr. Duruöz) 3:47
14 A Fuego Lento - tango (H. Salgán, b.1916 - arr. Duruöz) 3:19

Tango, the national music and dance of Argentina, is one of the few art forms which captures the imagination of diverse audiences all around the world. Tango has become a music and dance phenomenon with recent shows and movies. Traditional tangos are songs with lyrics usually published with generic piano instrumentation. Therefore they are always arranged for the medium used. In the later part of 20th Century solely instrumental tangos were also composed. In either case it is a common practice to play tangos instrumentally both for dance and listening.

From a rhythmic and motivic point of view Tango is divided into three subclasses: Tango, Milonga and Vals. Tango is in 2/4, with a relatively slow pace. Milonga, in fact the ancestor of Tango, is a fast dance which appeared as a result of African and European influences such as Habanera and Polka. Finally Vals is the Argentine version of European Waltz and Mazurka. All these three sub-genres incorporate complicated accents and staccatos combined with various ornamental runs unique to the tango style.

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CCGS Review

Cem Duruoz Latest CD is Out and Dave Giardina's Review Says it is a Winner


Reviewer: David Giardina

There are many recordings of Argentine Tango in different settings from symphony orchestras to soloists. This recording, Desde el Alma by Turkish guitarist, Cem Duruoz, proves that the solo classical guitar, in the right hands, can convey the entire feeling of tango to any listener or dancer. His rich tone of execution is superbly captured on this high quality recording, as is the exactness of every note without any sacrifice of the rhythmic pulse. The arrangements are well suited for the guitar and I am reminded of Manuel Barrueco's early recording of Albeniz and Granados where precision and spirit are simultaneously achieved. I know that, as a guitarist and arranger myself, it is not always easy to make a piece sound "written for the guitar" as all this music does.

My favourite cut of these 14 tango classics is track 11, Payadora, a milonga by J. Plaza. This piece features a montuna (rhythmic harmonic figure) with a tumboa (clave-born bass figure); both the backbone of Afro-Cuban music such as salsa, cha-cha, and Latin jazz. Duruoz attacks the music with great command and pride, as if he grew up in Argentina and danced all his life.

This CD, Desde el Alma (from the soul) is a wonderful testimony to the capabilities of the guitar and to the music of Argentina, and almost sets a new standard for interpretation of popular music for solo guitar. - David Giardina